Monday, December 23rd, 2013
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (Dec. 23, 2013) ~ Despite the recent cold weather that has gripped the nation, biologists say that increasingly mild winters are contributing to fewer cold days per year and therefore less time for animal hibernation. As a result, bears are interacting more frequently with humans, who are taking precautions with pepper spray designed specifically for animal use.

“Our research indicates that animal attacks are the number one fear in terms of physical safety,” said John J. McCann, President and CEO of Mace Security International. “Already 13 percent of our pepper spray is purchased for use as a bear deterrent. Customers include park rangers, campers and joggers.”

In warmer climates, habitat encroachment results in more encounters between wildlife and humans. For instance, a black bear attacked a Florida woman walking her dog in a gated community earlier this month. The Associated Press has reported sightings of bears in urban and suburban settings when they are hunting for food in garbage cans. In June, a 300-pound bear wandered through downtown Orlando. In July, a 225-pound bear died after running into the side of an ambulance rushing to an emergency call north of Tampa.

The National Wildlife Federation has distributed safety tips in dealing with bears that specifically include recommended use of pepper spray.

The state of Montana suggests quick access to bear spray and even carrying multiple canisters. Use of bear spray is advised for when an animal is 25 feet away. Once a bear has retreated or starts to clean itself, leaving the scene as quickly as possible is advised.

“The spray is used like a fire extinguisher,” McCann said.

Concerns about animal attacks extend beyond bears and bear spray, to include canine defense.

“We had a postal worker say he sprayed a big dog once and it never attacked again,” McCann said. “The product is painful but non-lethal.”


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