Monday, February 12th, 2018
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Mace® Security International, Inc. announces the publication of a white paper on personal alarms for housekeepers

CLEVELAND, Ohio – David Happe, executive vice president of e-commerce at Mace® Security International, Inc. (MSI), published a 21-page white paper on recent legislative developments and trends in several cities and states across the country regarding mandates for personal alarms for housekeepers.

“From Washington to Massachusetts, state and local governments are reviewing and enacting legislation to increase provision for the safety and security of hotel workers,” said Happe. “Mace® manufactures the best selling personal alarms in the United States under the Mace® and Vigilant brands, and we’re happy to have been chosen to protect tens of thousands of housekeepers nationwide.”

The white paper analyzes legislative actions for hotel employees in cities around the United States; Seattle, Chicago, Washington and New York City. Along with the cities listed, Happe also discusses actions that the states of California, Arkansas, Massachusetts and New York are taking currently to protect hospitality employees.

After the detailing each legislative action, Happe discusses solutions for the legislations that include the Mace® Alert 911 and Mace® Brand Personal Alarm Keychain.

To request a copy of the white paper, please email and include your company name and phone number.  The white paper is available free to qualified businesses, state and local governments, trade organizations and media.  Mace® reserves the right to restrict distribution of the copyrighted material only to qualified industry executives at Mace®‘s sole discretion.

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