Tuesday, February 27th, 2018
Mace Security International, Inc.
4400 Carnegie
Cleveland, OH 44103

Mace® Security International Expands Personal Alarm Product Line with Heart-Shaped Alarm

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Mace® Security International, Inc. today announces the launch of the Personal Alarm Heart, a pull-pin style personal alarm that is designed to steer away a potential assailant. This unique, powerful, compact key chain personal alarm is equipped with an easy to use pull-pin that activates the 120dB alarm sound, which is equivalent to a police siren.

“This is an exciting and innovative addition to the personal alarm line at Mace Brand,” said John McCann, CEO and president of Mace® Security International, Inc. “Safety is a concern for everyone and Mace Brand cares about everyone’s safety, whether you are young in age or young at heart.”

Personal alarms are one of the fastest growing solutions in self-defense. These types of alarms are legal in all 50 states and TSA approved. Personal alarms require no prior training to operate and can be used at any age. In a situation, victims are often too traumatized to shout for help in unfamiliar and dangerous situations, increasing vulnerability. By using a personal alarm, you are able to alert others that you are at risk and scare off the would-be assailant.

The Mace® Brand Personal Alarm Heart is priced at $11.99. To purchase the personal alarm heart, visit the Mace website at http://www.mace.com/macer-brand-personal-alarm-heart?SID=k1bdl04nibqftifbr16ll6d7t0.

About Mace® Security International, Inc.

Mace® Security International, Inc. is a globally recognized leader in personal safety and security. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, the company has spent more than 40 years designing and manufacturing consumer and tactical products for personal defense, security and surveillance under its world-renowned Mace® Brand—the original trusted brand of defense spray products. The company also offers aerosol defense sprays and tactical products for law enforcement and security professionals worldwide through its Mace® Take Down® brand.




John J. McCann

President and Chief Executive Officer