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Mace® Turns to U.S. LawShield® to Provide Its Customers with Self-Defense Training and the Answers They Need

Mace Announces Partnership with U.S. LawShield to Offer Nationwide Self-Defense Courses

Cleveland, Ohio, August 21, 2023 – Mace® Security International, Inc. (OTCQB: MACE), a globally recognized leader in personal safety products, is pleased to announce a new partnership with U.S. LawShield®, America’s premier Legal Defense for Self Defense® organization.   As the global pepper spray market is expected to grow to nearly $120 million over the next five years, Mace and U.S. Law Shield seek to create, market and present a series of fee-based online and in-person self-defense training courses that focus on situational awareness and the use of aerosol sprays and other non-lethal devices, as well as the laws regulating the carry, possession, use and transport of self-defense tools and other key topics.

“Mace, the industry leader in personal safety and security products, has known for some time that our customers need access to the training and accurate legal information that we know U.S. LawShield, the recognized leader in self-defense education, offers,” said Sanjay Singh, chairman and CEO of Mace Security International, Inc. “This series of self-defense training courses is the first step in our unified journey.”

The first course entitled “Mace Civilian Pepper Spray Training,” available on Friday, September 1, 2023, is designed for anyone who carries, or has the desire to carry, personal protective sprays like pepper spray. The course will be available in both e-learning and in-person modalities. In-person training will be available throughout the United States through a partnership with Legal Heat, a nation-wide training organization.  Students will learn about the laws relating to the purchase, possession, and usage of aerosol personal sprays in self-defense. In addition, the concept of situational awareness will be addressed to help with personal safety, and students will learn best practices for how to use defensive sprays effectively. Instructors will discuss how conflicts can escalate and teach de-escalation techniques to curtail the conflict when possible.

“U.S. LawShield works diligently to be the leader in self-defense legal education,” said Brooksy Smith, CEO of U.S. LawShield. “Partnering with Mace is the perfect way to share the knowledge and experience of U.S. LawShield and our national network of Independent Program Attorneys with Mace customers as they take proactive measures to improve their safety and self-defense preparedness.”

Three tiers of instructor certification courses will also be offered for those seeking to teach aerosol defense courses, as well as continuing education for law enforcement and security personnel.

“Mace is very excited to partner with U.S. LawShield, a company that is exceptional at providing the training and tools needed to prepare for the unexpected,” said Singh. “The focus of Mace is to offer its expertise on all matters related to personal safety using non-lethal means. We are proud to be collaborating with U.S. LawShield to bring this much-needed training to the market.”

“This partnership is yet another way U.S. LawShield can make safety a priority and empower our members,” said Smith.

For more information on the online and in-person self-defense training courses, visit

About U.S. LawShield®

Founded in 2009, U.S. LawShield®, America’s premier Legal Defense for Self Defense® organization, offers coverage in 46 states and has served more than 2 million members. A network of 300+ Independent Program Attorneys is readily available, plus access to a 24/7/365 hotline and protection for members throughout the legal process after acts of self-defense.

Educate. Prepare. Protect.U.S. LawShield is committed to informing and updating you on self-defense laws, providing comprehensive instruction and training, and defending you in your greatest time of need. For more information on U.S. LawShield and its Legal Defense for Self Defense program, visit

About Mace® Security International, Inc.

Mace® Security International, Inc. (Mace) is a globally recognized leader in personal safety and security. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, the company has spent more than 40 years designing and manufacturing consumer and tactical products for personal defense and security under its world-renowned Mace Brand—the original trusted brand of defense spray products. The company also offers aerosol defense sprays and tactical products for law enforcement and security professionals worldwide through its Mace Take Down® brand, KUROS!®  personal safety products, Vigilant Personal Protection Systems® alarms, and Tornado® pepper spray and stun guns. MACE distributes and supports Mace Brand products through mass market retailers, wholesale distributors, independent dealers,,, and other channels. For more information, visit

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