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Mace® Security International, Inc. appoints Kunal Mehta as its new Head of Digital Marketing

CLEVELAND, Ohio, January 18, 2024 – Mace® Security International, Inc. (OTCQB: MACE), a globally recognized leader in personal safety products, is pleased to announce the appointment of Kunal Mehta as its new Head of Digital Marketing. In this role, Mr. Mehta will be responsible for overseeing the Company’s entire digital marketing strategy and direct-to-consumer growth strategies. With a strong track record of leadership and a background in revenue growth, marketing, and digital optimization, Mr. Mehta brings a wealth of experience to his new position. Mr. Mehta’s appointment marks a significant milestone for Mace® as it seeks to expand its digital presence in a more aggressive manner.

“We are thrilled to welcome Mr. Mehta to Mace® as our first in-house Head of Digital Marketing,” said Sanjay Singh, Chairman and CEO of Mace® Security International, Inc. “Kunal’s track record, dedication, and ability to drive long-term value make him a suitable candidate to lead our digital marketing strategy initiatives.”

“ Mr. Mehta consulted with the Company during the last two months. During that time, we sharpened our direct-to-consumer strategy, reallocated budgets, optimized the website and delivered 43% revenue growth on our Amazon platform in December, 2023 compared to the prior month. The Company is making a change in its marketing agency effective February 1, 2024. There are several new product introductions in the pipeline, and this is the right time to align our strategy, action plans and resources to deliver revenue growth in the direct-to-consumer revenue segment. ”

Mr. Mehta has held previous executive roles including CEO of Punchey, Inc., a privately held VC-backed payment business servicing small and medium enterprises primarily in the automotive industry. He has held leadership positions at Hell’s Creative, named one of the nation’s leading digital advertising agencies, and most recently served as co-founder and lead investment analyst at Montana Advisors, LTD, a private investment vehicle seeking to increase shareholder value through active engagement. Mr. Mehta holds a BA in finance from Hofstra University.

About Mace Security International, Inc.

Mace Security International, Inc. (Mace) is a globally recognized leader in personal safety and security. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, the Company has spent more than 40 years designing and manufacturing consumer and tactical products for personal defense and security under its world-renowned Mace® Brand – the original trusted brand of defense spray products. The Company also offers aerosol defense sprays and tactical products for law enforcement and security professionals worldwide through its Mace® Take Down® brand, KUROS® Brand personal safety products, Vigilant® Brand alarms, and Tornado® Brand pepper spray and stun devices.  MACE® distributes and supports Mace® Brand products through mass market retailers, wholesale distributors, independent dealers,,, and other channels.  For more information, visit

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